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Making Films Till the Wheels Fall Off
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I'm a producer and editor from Los Angeles, most known for producing and editing the Crackle Original reality TV Series, Men of West Hollywood.


Other notable producing projects are Intelligentia, a sci-fi short currently featured on the sci-fi hit YouTube channel DUST; Gold Mine, a Sci-Fi western; and Shifter, a Sci-fi Action-Thriller. Both features wrapped last year and are currently in post production, awaiting distribution.

Notable editing projects are the previously mentioned 10 episode reality series, Men of West Hollywood along with its advertising/social media campaign videos;  various social media and digital ads for I Am Hurt, Princess Sarah Culberson, the Dream Machine, as well as influencer SmileyGabbieee. I also edit several sizzle reels monthly for various unscripted projects from Reality TV to True Crime Documentaries for Get Me Out Productions. I now also edits my own YouTube channel videos that come out 5 consecutive days a week.

I graduated with double majors in Literature and Film from UC Santa Cruz with honors and awards in both fields. I also took extra courses and programs at UCLA, the New York Film Academy (LA branch) and NSLC at UC Berkeley.

Currently, I create and develop scripted entertainment and radio-narratives under my company, Rickety Wheels Productions. I've also host and edit a  "Let's Play" style YouTube series under Rickety Games, a subsidiary of Rickety Wheels. Last but definitely not least, I produce and edit unscripted television shows with Get Me Out Productions. 

Currently in production for an international True Crime series for a network (to be revealed in the coming months.)

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